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Take Control - South Lanarkshire

Sharing our information, expectations, concerns, capabilities etc., with other people, particularly when we need to use SDS services, can be a very helpful and empowering experience for all concerned.

We endeavour to keep you informed of the various issues affecting people using SDS Options in South Lanarkshire.

If there is anything you would like to share on our website please get in touch.

Take Control - Self Directed Support Take Control Logo

Self-directed support is a way that people can take control of their support arrangements. If you are a disabled person (or authorised to act on behalf of a disabled person), Take Control can help you to set up and manage your self-directed support arrangements.

Take Control - Support Services

A one-to-one support service on all aspects of setting up a self-directed support package in order to be able to live more independently in the community. This includes assistance in preparing for assessments, liaising with funders, and all aspects of successfully managing a support package.

Take Control Support - PA Recruitment

This service supports PA employers who are recruiting PAs.  We can offer a range of services.

Take Control Support - PA Vacancies

Check the latest vacancies for personal assistants

Take Control Support - Payroll

Take Control can assist you to find the right payroll provider for you

Take Control Support -Training

PA Employers can choose from a variety of briefing sessions that will help them to be a good employer and to manage their own support arrangements more effectively. Details of the briefing sessions are available from our Support Team.

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