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PA Recruitment

Recruiting Personal Assistants

Take Control can assist you to recruit your own workers - Personal Assistants (PAs).  From providing guidance with writing job adverts, job descriptions and person specifications, to placing adverts in the JobCentre, etc, and undertaking all of the paperwork involved, we can support you throughout the process.

Once you have shortlisted applicants, your adviser from the Support Team can assist you to interview candidates.  We can then support you with the next stages of recruitment - registering as an employer with HMRC, registering with a payroll service, purchasing the appropriate employers' liability and public liability insurance, and having your PA disclosure checked under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme.

For further information, please follow these links -

Take Control Recruitment Pack

Contracts of Employment

Take Control can assist you with the drawing up of contracts for your PAs.  Employees are entitled to be given a written contract within their first 8 weeks of work. We use a template indemnified by the insurance companies and can advise you what you should include in the contract.

One of the main issues employers need to understand is their PA's entitlement to annual leave.  We can help you to calculate how much leave your worker is due.  Please note: Employers cannot have their PAs work during their annual leave, ie they must have the time off and be paid for this.

For further information on annual leave entitlement and other matters of employment, see the following links.

Business Link

ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)

HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs)

Contracting with Agencies

Take Control can assist you to recruit a care agency of your choice.  Whilst we cannot recommend any particular agency to you, we can provide you with a list of those who are registered with the Care Commission, and operate in East Dunbartonshire.

We can help you to arrange interviews with representatives from a few agencies and support you to ask the right questions of them.  This may include discussing issues such as how you register with them, the services they can provide for you, and whether there is a minimum contract period.  You may also want to establish details such as the length of a sleepover shift, what their minimum shift period is, and whether you can be introduced to potential workers prior to them starting to provide support to you.

You can access our list of agencies with their contact details on the following factsheet.

This service supports PA employers who are recruiting PAs.  We can offer assistance with the following:

  • drafting your advertisement
  • providing an application pack, including sample job descriptions, job specifications, contracts, etc.
  • co-ordinating responses to your advertisement
  • compiling a short list
  • setting up your interviews, including the use of our fully-accessible meeting rooms
  • arranging references and disclosure checks
  • arranging appropriate liability and indemnity insurance

However, if you choose not to become an employer we will support you to identify an appropriate care provider who will provide a support package designed to meet your individual needs.  We also provide an information sheet that contains details of a selection of the care agencies operating in East Dunbartonshire.

Throughout the recruitment process you will be supported on a one-to-one basis by one of our advisers.

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