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We are excited to announce that Take Ctrl has now began delivering services to residents in North Lanarkshire.

Take Ctrl North Lanarkshire’s aim is to promote independent living by supporting people to gain the information, skills, and support they need to overcome barriers and make informed choices.

We are a free service providing clear, accessible and impartial information and advice for North Lanarkshire residents accessing Self Directed Support.

Services we offer:

Take Control - Self Directed Support

Information and advice on Self Directed Support to ensure that you are able to make an informed choice about what option is best for you.

Take Control - Support Services

A one-to-one support service on all aspects of setting up a self-directed support package in order to be able to live more independently in the community. This includes assistance in preparing for assessments, liaising with funders, and all aspects of successfully managing a support package.  If you decide to employ your own personal assistant (PA) we will also support you, as a PA employer.

Take Control Support - PA Recruitment

We can offer a range of services throughout the whole process of recruitment. Providing support and advice for people managing the employment of personal assistants.

Take Control Support - PA Vacancies

Check the latest vacancies for personal assistants

Take Control Support - Payroll and Insurance Support

Providing information and assistance, to find and set up the right payroll and insurance system that works for you.

Take Control Support -Training

PA employers will have access to ongoing support to help understand the responsibilities involved in employing a Personal Assistant. Including a variety of briefing sessions designed to help be a good employer and  manage their support arrangements.

Take Ctrl is part of Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL), an established Disabled People’s Organisation with many years of experience in supporting disabled people to have choice and control over their support arrangements.

If you feel someone would benefit from this service please send your completed referral form to

For more information or to discuss any aspects of the service we provide please feel free to  call us on: 01698 537 472

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