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Take Control - Support Services

Take Control East Dunbartonshire can help you to set up and manage your support arrangements. Our experienced team of Advisers will work with you to help you to arrange the support detailed in your support plan.

In East Dunbartonshire the Council will involve you in an assessment of your needs. Some people already know what they need and feel happy to discuss this with their Social Worker. Others will need support to talk through what support needs they have. You may choose to involve a family member, carer, friend or the local Advocacy service.

From this, your Support Plan will be developed.  The support Plan will set out your choices of support to help you meet the agreed goals and outcomes identified in your assessment. For e.g.

  • How you intend to achieve your outcomes
  • How much it will cost
  • Who is responsible for providing or arranging the support you require
  • How any risks will be managed

We can:

  • provide independent information and advice on Self-directed Support and your options
  • arrange information sessions about how to make Self-directed Support work for you
  • find the best way to achieve the outcomes detailed in your support plan

If you wish to purchase a service from an agency we can help you to:

  • gather accessible information on any service you may wish to buy
  • help you to arrange meetings with prospective agencies to discuss how they can deliver their service to meet your needs
  • arrange a bill paying service if needed
  • help you to arrange a back up plan in case your regular arrangements break down

If you wish to consider employing your own personal assistants we can help you to:

  • write suitable job descriptions
  • advertise for personal assistants
  • recruit personal assistants safely
  • set up and manage a payroll system to pay your personal assistant/s
  • find the right insurance cover
  • access expert employment advice when you need it
  • access information and training for you and your personal assistant/s
  • arrange a back up service so that you have cover at times when your personal assistant/s are ill or on holiday
  • assistance to complete financial paperwork

If you receive a Direct Payment (Option 1) you will be required to open a separate Bank Account and this will be audited by East Dunbartonshire Council - Our Advisers will support you to comply with this.

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