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Payroll and Money Management

GCIL Support can help you to register with HMRC as an employer and link you into our payroll service, or any other payroll service of your choice.

Managing with Payroll

The Support Team can guide you step by step through the registration process (see here for GCIL Payroll Pack).

We can assist you to register as a new employer with HMRC for tax and National Insurance purposes.

The Support Team can also help you to implement and manage the financial responsibilities of being an employer.

GCIL Payroll

GCIL Payroll is a payroll service specifically designed for disabled people, who are in receipt of direct payments, or Independent Living Fund (ILF funding), or a combination of these, and who employ their own workers (Personal Assistants).

There are two types of service available to help you with calculating salaries, providing payslips, and giving any advice and support required.  Additional services, such as making payments on employers' behalf are also available.

  • Basic Payroll Service
  • Enhanced Payroll Service

For further information on these services visit our Payroll section.

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