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GCIL Support - Training

PA Employers can choose from a variety of briefing sessions that will help them to be a good employer and to manage their own support arrangements more effectively. Details of the briefing sessions are available from the GCIL Support Team.

Training for employers on good employment practice

The Support Team provide a number of briefing sessions, which are held at GCIL's Brook Street offices, that throughout the year.

The sessions include the following topics -

  • Dos and Don'ts of Direct Payments
  • Safe Recruitment
  • Being a Good Boss
  • The Mysteries of Paperwork

We offer transport to anyone attending the sessions (unable to use public transport),  and have PAs available to support you during the sessions if necessary.

Training for Personal Assistants

GCIL Support is currently negotiating with UNISON, Clydebank College and other partners to set up a new 3-day training course for Personal Assistants.  The intention is to offer a pilot scheme in summer 2014.  Details are available from the GCIL Support Team.


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