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People we are helping

The following brief case studies give examples of the types of clients currently being assisted by GCIL Better At Home project July/ Aug 2015.

Mrs DF - 6840Woman in wheelchair outside flats

Mrs DF is 70 years old and has recently been admitted to hospital due to falls in her current property. She suffered a fractured femur and coccyx; she requires 24hr a day oxygen due to COPD.

She is an owner occupier and due to financial difficulty she will lose her home. She is looking for a 1 bed ground floor property in East end of Glasgow.

Mrs ANM - 6827

Mrs ANM is 84 years old and recently left Lightburn hospital.

She is an owner occupier and her home has dampness and is in poor state of repair, she also suffers from harassment. She is looking for a 1 bed ground floor flat in the East of Glasgow.

Miss HD - 6838Man at steps

Miss HD is 73 years old and has suffered a spinal injury, she is unable to return to her home as there are 3 flights of stairs. She is looking for a 3 bed fully wheelchair accessible property in North or East end of Glasgow, her daughter will be coming to live with her to help care for Miss HD.

Mr and Mrs JM - 6819

Mr JM is 78 yrs older and currently in the Southern General, after a second amputation operation - wound did not heal so his leg has now been amputated higher up.  Due to falls and difficulty using his artificial leg due to ulcers he is now a wheelchair user.  He is also a carer for his wife. He has been referred to WestMarc for an electric wheelchair but will require a suitable property before he can return to the community and benefit from it.

Mrs JM is 77 years old, she has a history of breathing and mobility issues, she is now PEG feeding.  They are looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom wheelchair accessible property in the West of Glasgow.  They are currently tenants of Partick HA.

Miss CM - 6845Old Woman with Walking Frame by Window

Miss CF is 74 years old.  She currently occupies a 3 bedroom private rented property which is no longer suitable for her.  She is partially sighted and profoundly deaf.  She has mobility issues and has a history of falls.  She looking for a ground floor level access 1 bed property in the East of the city.

Mrs EM - 6826

Mrs EM is 83 years old, she is currently in hospital.  Mrs EM is blind and has broken her hip and wrist due to falls.  She cannot return safely to her home due to stairs.  She requires a 1 bedroom property in the East of Glasgow.

Mrs AL - 6815Woman outside flat with carer

Mrs AL is 78 years old, she was admitted to hospital and could not be discharged home to her inaccessible bought property.  The property was sold while she was in hospital and she was placed in a care home as a result of mobility difficulties due to Rheumatoid Arthritis three years ago. The care home has steps to access it.  She cannot manage any steps, has family in Anniesland and Milngavie and would consider a one bedroom wheelchair accessible property in either location.

Mrs AL overall health has improved and she would now like to leave the care home and return to the community.  GCIL are assisting her with applications to Landlords covering both Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire.

Mr CM - 6834

Mr CM is 66 yrs old, current property is up 3 flights of steps (50 in total), they are currently tenants of Tollcross HA.  Mr CM has arthritis and already has one artificial knee and is currently waiting for the other to be replaced as well.  They would like a 2 or 3 bedroom flat.


The above people are registered on Home2Fit, Scotland's Accessible Housing Register - which as a national accessible housing register works across local authority boundaries. GCIL are providing housing advocacy.

GCIL currently have a high level of demand for Better at Home, we are currently working with 67 elderly disabled people.  Since Change Fund / ICF started funding this project we have successfully completed 28 complex cases.

For further information please contact:

Grant Carson

Director, Employment and Housing Services,

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living.


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