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Development and Learning Programmes

GCIL Equality Academy works with organisations to develop comprehensive equality strategies and polices and this includes developing development and learning programmes tailored to their needs.

Our training programmes

GCIL Equality Academy recognises that equality training covers a wide range of different issues. To support this approach, we have developed a training strategy that offers employers a wide choice of different kinds of equality training. Ideally, organisations base their training programmes on key strategic organisation policies so that training programmes mainstream equality commitments effectively into practice. Refer to organisational policy development for further information on this.

Examples of our training courses are:

  • Developing equality policies and action plans;
  • Disability etiquette;
  • Equality law and guidance;
  • Equality data collection and how to use data to improve services;
  • Establishing equality impact assessments;
  • How to address harassment effectively;
  • Mainstreaming equality objectives into recruitment and selection procedures;
  • Providing accessible services for customers;
  • Report writing from an equality perspective; and
  • Using appropriate language.

Our courses can be delivered in-house and tailored to the needs of each individual organisation and the practical needs of staff and service users.  All of our courses focus, not only on promoting understanding of relevant issues, but promoting values to promote social justice.

We also provide, in partnership, with SHARE, a management equality educational course that is certificated. This course provides managers with specialist knowledge to develop particular initiatives within their organisations.

Our courses cover both general and specialist issues and an individual course programme can be sent to you on request.

Scheduled Training

5 October 2017:

Writing to promote accessible information: reports and policies

6 October 2017:

Mainstreaming equality objectives throughout recruitment and
selection procedures

9 October 2017:

Appropriate language and promoting respect for other people

11 October 2017:

Developing effective impact assessments for the public and
voluntary sectors


"It has been a pleasure to work with you and the team at GCIL.  The experience and detailed knowledge you possess on all equality matters affecting a Group structure such as ours has been, and will continue to be, invaluable to assist us to work towards our long term goals. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other organisations and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future." (Lesley Pert, HR Officer, Hillcrest Group of Companies)

"Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living Equality Academy has undertaken an access audit to enhance our information technology system so that it is easier to use for our service users and staff. This is an invaluable service that has promoted considerably our equality commitments as a housing association." (R Graeme E Holmes, Finance Director, Blue Triangle Housing Association)

"Excellent!  Just left wanting more." (Senior Manager, Housing Association)

Deliverable Date
Mainstreaming equality objectives throughout recruitment and selection procedures 03/10/2016
Allocation policy development and mainstreaming of equality 05/10/2016
Equality Impact Assessment training 03/11/2016
Tenants rights 11/11/2016
Managing personal data in the public sector 23/11/2016
Development of application forms for housing in the public rented sector to meet equality and data protection 29/11/2016
Report writing in the public sector from an equality perspective 05/12/2016

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