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About Us

We were established to promote equality matters throughout Scotland and to assist organisations to challenge and address institutionalised forms of discrimination. This is done through our key services that include access audits, education, graduate traineeships, policy and procedural developments, specialist services and training and development.

For over fifteen years, GCIL has been developing and delivering innovative solutions to address the under-representation of disabled people in employment.  GCIL Equality Academy has extended the range of innovative equality services to promote equality objectives across any sector in Scotland.

Although we refer to disabled people, we address equality issues relating to all of the protected characteristics. We also address discrimination that occurs due to social class, as well as protected characteristics in line with the statutory definition of equal opportunities in Scotland.

Our Services

Our services include

  • access audits;
  • education;
  • graduate traineeships;
  • policy and procedural developments;
  • special services; and
  • training and development.

We have assisted a diverse range of organisations to mainstream equality matters throughout their services thus promoting law and guidance standards. But services are also essential in transforming the lives of individual people.

Since 2009, for example, our Scotland wide Professional Careers Graduate Traineeship Programme was extremely successful in supporting disabled graduates to achieve their career aspirations.

Equality Charter Statement

We work with organisations throughout Scotland to promote equality objectives into practice. This includes challenging all organisational forms of institutionalised discrimination.

We aim to assist organisations to:

  • meet their equality legal and regulatory standards, including good practice;
  • develop and implement a diverse range of equality policies that enable equality matters to be mainstreamed into services, including promoting the social model of disability;
  • promote equality through the provision of accessible and accurate information;
  • forge active partnerships that serve to foster equality initiatives, including positive action initiatives;
  • establish on-going equality training and educational programmes; and
  • consult with their customers on key equality issues.


Feedback has been provided by numerous organisations. Two general examples are shown below with further feedback throughout our web pages.

"We are confident to know that if we have any issues or questions that may arise, we can contact GCIL Equality Academy to assist and support us to enable that we meet our equality commitments." (Lesley Pert, Hillcrest Group of Companies).

"I have been really impressed with the range of services and approach taken by the team." (Gillian O'Neil, 29 Studios).


We also use a select number of associates with extensive experience of equality matters, for example:  Doctor Stewart Montgomery

Partner organisations

We work in partnership with a range of organisations, for example Local Authorities, NHS Health Boards, Scottish Government, Social Landlords and Voluntary Sector Agencies.  We are happy to provide information on request.

Our Team

Our staff team has extensive knowledge and experience of equality matters. Contact us to discuss our services and how we can work together.

John Speirs, National Development Manager


Marjorie Cuthbert, Placement Coordinator


Stuart Carmichael, Placement Coordinator


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