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Equality Academy

GCIL Equality Academy addresses the under-representation of disabled people in professional level employment in Scotland. We also work with organisations to promote equality values throughout all of their services.

About Us

We were established to promote equality matters throughout Scotland and to assist organisations to challenge and address institutionalised forms of discrimination. This is done through our key services that include access audits, education, graduate traineeships, policy and procedural developments, specialist services and training and development.

Access Audits

Access audits are covered through the equality action planning process and can include: audits of policies and procedures: audits of IT services; and audits of office premises.

Employment Opportunities for Disabled Graduates

Our innovative Professional Careers Programme offers graduate traineeships of up to two years with full salary; and employers obtain a pool of talented, motivated disabled graduates and much more. This Programme operates across all of Scotland.

Specialist Services

We provide a range of specialist services such as advice and information and research surveys.

Policy Development

In order to promote equality matters across Scotland, we have developed a range of innovative equality policies. These policies are necessary for effective mainstreaming of equality objectives into practice.


Contact us to learn more about our events, which can be developed to suit your needs.  Event types include Information Sessions about our services and working together, Peer Support Groups for participants of our programme and our Learning and Development Programme.

Development and Learning Programmes

GCIL Equality Academy works with organisations to develop comprehensive equality strategies and polices and this includes developing development and learning programmes tailored to their needs.

Personal Stories

Read, watch or listen to personal stories from disabled graduates who have participated in our Professional Careers Programme.