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Open Door

Open Door is an integrated employment programme that provides waged work experience, intensive support, training and personal development to disabled people with limited work experience and/or qualifications.

Open Door offers a paid work experience placement for up to 50 weeks to disabled people. It provides a range of support, trainining and personal development options to each trainee to better equip them to enter the world of work.

Firstly, the programme matches each individual with a suitable work placement. The object is to raise the employability of disabled people by helping them develop their skills, qualifications and experience. Our success rate has been excellent with a positive outcome rate of over 70%.

Open door was designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled people who wanted to enter employment, education or volunteering. Over the years this successful programme has also helped to raise the awareness of employers, enabling them to better meet the needs of their disabled customers.

Trainee Catherine said:

"The open door programme has given me the confidence to pursue my goals and move forward in my life, and to know that I have a safety net to catch me if I fall."

Trainee benefits Woman in wheelchair with phone

  • The opportunity to gain work experience, new skills, qualifications, increased confidence and a positive attitude
  • A reference from a real employer to help you gain future employment
  • Ongoing reviews and support from GCIL
  • Personal Development and the opportunity to come off benefits and
    earn an income.

Trainee John said:

"With the help from GCIL, I now have the possibility of move onto a full time permanent contract. Through joining the Open Door programme I have been given lots of opportunities including training and development, achieving personal goals and gaining more confidence in a number of areas."

To add value for employers Man in Wheelchair using Machinery

  • GCIL will provide training for employees
  • GCIL will part-finance placements
  • GCIL will provide support to the employer and trainee through regular reviews
  • GCIL will help put in place adaptations and equipment usually at no cost to the placement provider.


Employer benefits Man in office

  • A worker on placement for up to fifty weeks working full or part-time
  • New well qualified, skilled employees who can undertake additional relevant qualifications at no cost to the employer
  • Helping employers to develop a diverse and capable workforce which reflects the world we live in.

Maureen McAllister, Manager, Glasgow Access Panel said:

"GCIL helped me to recruit two members of staff to support the work of Glasgow Access Panel. Their employment staff were able to provide applicants for interview who matched our needs. Both employees we recruited through GCIL were an asset to our organisation. The level of support provided by GCIL for both workers and GAP was second to none. I would have every confidence in recommending their services to employers."

Mohammed Razaq, Executive Director, West of Scotland Regional Equality Council said:

"It makes WSREC proud to be part of the GCIL programme providing opportunities for members of our disability community into employment"


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