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Access Audits

Access audits are covered through the equality action planning process and can include: audits of policies and procedures: audits of IT services; and audits of office premises.

Our access audits cover three distinct categories:

  • Policies and procedures;
  • IT services; and
  • Office premises.

Policies and procedures

We audit policies and procedures, including documentation using our specialist accessibility policy. This is, in effect, an equality impact assessment that evaluates both policies themselves and their effects. This entails that equality impact assessments comply with good practice guidance in this specialist field. Our assessment standards cover a wide range of elements thus ensuring a holistic approach.

IT services

We provide audits of organisational IT systems so that such systems are accessible to disabled people and non-disabled people. One organisation noted:

"Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living Equality Academy has undertaken an access audit to enhance our information technology system so that it is easier to use for our service users and staff. This is an invaluable service that has promoted considerably our equality commitments as a housing association." (Graeme Holmes, Finance Director, Blue Triangle).

Office premises

Access audits of premises are carried out by GCIL staff who have wide experience and expertise in this area. Audits include visits to properties, inspection of a diverse range of elements and a comprehensive written report with recommendations for change. Find out more.....

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