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Who's Who

Find out who's who at GCIL.

GCIL Staff List
Chief Executive
Human Resources & Office Manager Clare Muir
Human Resources & Office Administrator Margaret Sanders
GCIL Administrator Brian McGhee
Office Cleaner Lesley Naughton
Finance Director Gordon Myers
Finance Officer Alan Bear
Client Payroll Officer Elaina Connell
Finance Assistant Fiona McAllister
Finance Assistant Iona Macdonald
Finance Assistant Craig Garrow
Support Services Coordinator Michelle McNamara
Inclusive Living Adviser Lewis MacLean
Inclusive Living Adviser Andy Higgins
Inclusive Living Adviser Leigh Rennie
Inclusive Living Adviser Heather McArthur
Inclusive Living Adviser Theresa Houston
Inclusive Living Adviser Michelle Coyle
Support Services Administrator Maryann McGee
SDS Development Co-ordinator Alasdair Sladen
SDS Development Worker Sharron Farrell
Information & Digital Resource Assistant David Sands
Employment and Housing
Employment and Housing Adviser Karen Anne Doherty
Employment and Housing Adviser Lisa Innes
Employment and Housing Adviser Charlie Canning
Employment and Housing Senior Administrator Debbie McColl
Equality Academy
Placement Co-ordinator
Stuart Carmichael
Jean McCauley
TakeCtrl - East Dunbartonshire
Self Directed Support Co-ordinator Joanne McGee
Inclusive Living Adviser Marie Claire Clearie
Inclusive Living Adviser Yvonne Boyle
SDS Development Worker
Karen Heath
Administrator Ross Campbell
TakeCtrl - South Lanarkshire
Self Directed Support Co-ordinator Agnes Hadden
SDS Development Worker
Will Black
Inclusive Living Adviser Sharon Fullerton
Inclusive Living Adviser Louise Docherty
Administrator Sandra Cameron
TakeCtrl - North Lanarkshire
Inclusive Living Adviser Caroline Cappie
Administrator Emma Dawson

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