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A range of payroll options that take the strain out of employing personal assistants and managing your care package.

Man in wheelchair at door Payroll Overview

GCIL Payroll can support anyone receiving self-directed support funding as a direct payment to become a PA employer. GCIL Payroll can deal with a whole range of pay and employment related issues on your behalf.

Woman in wheelchair in hallway Basic Payroll

For people who are confident enough to manage their own funding and make the necessary payments to employees and HMRC, GCIL's basic payroll service is ideal.

Woman on scooter at car Enhanced Payroll

Some people prefer the comfort of knowing that our experienced team are looking after all of the financial aspects of their support package with GCIL's enhanced payroll package.

man with client Bill Paying

For those simply requiring a little help arranging payment of invoices, we also provide our money management service to assist you in making payments to care agencies etc.