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Adapt2Fit - new printed equipment and adaptations resource is now available!

06 October 2017

At GCIL we accomplish most by encouraging best practice and innovation….  As a Disabled Persons Organisation we develop and facilitate the best ideas using co-production, with disabled people leading the way.  We involve the public, private and voluntary sectors to work with us to create new projects and resources which meet the needs of our older and disabled citizens.  Our services and resources make a real and positive difference to people's lives, stimulate ideas and highlight new ways of working.

GCIL have worked in partnership with a number of organisations including Capability Scotland, Link Group, and The Scottish Government to develop "Adapt2Fit" a new self-help best practice resource.  Although it cannot provide all the answers or information on every piece of independent living equipment, or adaptations option, this publication aims to equip readers with the information they need to help themselves.

For example in Adapt2Fit, an "adaptation" can be as simple as moving the position of furniture or using an everyday item in a different way.

It also offers guidance on where to get aids and equipment and when to get more advice from others, including professional expertise.

The Adapt2Fit brochure has been printed to help the 40% of older and disabled people in Scotland who do not have access to the internet.  It is designed as a self-help guide and will be especially useful for people who become disabled. For example, through a stroke, arthritis, a fall, or simply the effects of aging.  It is as your needs change through illness or aging that some ideas about basic aids and equipment can make life a lot easier.

The design of Adapt2Fit has been carefully developed to meet the needs of people with different kinds of impairment.  Adapt2Fit is printed using a larger print size of 14pt so that as many people as possible can read it.  Adapt2Fit has a matt finish to avoid glare which can make reading difficult and a good colour contrast for visually impaired people.  The brochure is laid out in an easy to use simple room by room layout, each room has a numbered key to make it easy to reference and understand.  For people with physical impairments the brochure is also spiral bound for people with limited dexterity or strength so that it folds flat without the need to hold it open.

The Adapt2Fit brochure is complemented by a Scotland wide directory of suppliers giving examples of where products can be obtained.   Adapt2Fit is also available on a fully accessible website which contains additional information and demonstration videos.  Copies of Adapt2Fit can be downloaded as a PDF for those who can and do have access to the internet from the following websites:

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