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Self Directed Support / Personalisation

Self-directed support is a way that people can take control of their support arrangements. If you are a disabled person (or authorised to act on behalf of a disabled person), GCIL Support can help you to set up and manage your self-directed support arrangements.

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Personalisation, is the new process being used by Glasgow City Council to assess people eligible for social work services. It is based on self-directed support (see below).  GCIL Support can help you through this process, which aims to offer greater choice and flexibility, should you wish to choose the way your support is provided.

An annual budget is agreed which can be used, for example, to recruit your own Personal Assistants (PAs) or purchase other services such as agency support or short breaks.  A charge will be made by the Council, meaning you will need to make a contribution towards your support (children's services are exempt from these charges.)

GCIL's Support Team can assist you to complete your Assessment Questionnaire. Once you have an agreed Support Plan, we can support you to manage your budget effectively.

More and more people are looking to control their own support arrangements. Options for doing this are now becoming more widely available. However, the language used can be a little confusing.  Here's a brief explanation of the key terms you may need to know.

Self-directed support

This is any system which gives you genuine control over your day-to-­day support (regardless of how the money is managed).

Individual Budget

This is an allocation of money which you can use to design and purchase your support. Before you can get an individual budget you must arrange to meet with a Care Manager from Social Work to discuss and agree your support needs. If you are offered funding, you can then develop a Support Plan which sets out how you will use the funding to achieve the outcomes you have agreed.

With an individual budget, you may choose to manage this money in any of the following ways:

  • Direct Payment where you manage the money yourself (with support if you need it) to achieve the outcomes agreed with your Care Manager. For example, you may decide to employ PAs, buy in services from an agency, or arrange short breaks/respite. You can even have a mix of services and direct payments.  You can choose to have this money as a third party payment - where the money goes to an agent (someone you have chosen) to act on your behalf.
  • Individual Service Fund -­ where you can choose a service provider to hold and manage your money and provide or arrange services for you.
  • Local Authority  - You can  also decide to leave your budget with your local authority to arrange services for you.

In outline, this is the system which has replaced the former direct payments system in Glasgow. However, please note you will still be able to receive individual budget funding as a direct payment i.e paid to you directly, if that is your choice.

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