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Inclusive Living Support

A one-to-one support service on all aspects of setting up a self-directed support package in order to be able to live more independently in the community. This includes assistance in preparing for assessments, liaising with funders, and all aspects of successfully managing a support package.

Support Team Services

Support with your Assessment Questionnaire

This questionnaire is the starting point of the overall assessment process.

The questionnaire is based on the principle that you know best what you need. You can ask the people who know you well to help you answer the questions accurately. This may include family, friends, GCIL Support Team, or local authority staff.

You should note that you are not obliged to include local authority staff when completing the questionnaire, however you may choose to have the support of your care manager.

Once you have answered all the questions to the best of your knowledge, the person who is assessing your needs will discuss your answers with you. You will both have to agree and sign the form which is then scored to give you an allocation of money called an Estimated Budget.

This estimated budget is then used to cost the Support Plan that you and your assessor have agreed.  When your Support Plan is approved, you will then receive your confirmed budget and can begin to put your arrangements in place.

Our experienced team of Inclusive Living Advisers can help you to:

  • find the best way of achieving the outcomes you have agreed with funders
  • gather accessible information on any services you may wish to buy in
  • arrange a bill-­paying service if needed
  • develop a back-­up plan in case your normal arrangements break down
  • manage your money and paperwork effectively
  • access briefing sessions on how to make self-directed support work for

If you wish to employ your own workers, we can help you to:

  • write suitable job descriptions
  • advertise for and recruit personal assistants (PAs) safely
  • set up a payroll system to pay your workers
  • find the right insurance cover
  • manage your workers and access expert employment advice when you
    need it
  • access briefing sessions on employing PAs
  • register for GCIL's Telephone Emergency Support Service (TESS) - a 24/7
    back-­up service to help you get cover at times when your PAs are ill or on

Assistance to Complete Financial Paperwork

Once you have agreed to receive funding from Glasgow City Council Social Work, you must complete and return quarterly financial paperwork.  The Social Work Finance Team will inform you as to when this is required. GCIL Support Team can assist you to complete this, or, if required, complete the paperwork on your behalf.

If you receive a traditional direct payment, you must submit a form DPF6, but if you have been assessed through the Personalisation/Self Directed Support procedure, you must instead submit a form SDS07.

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