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Our research has conclusively shown that many disabled people are keen to be more economically active, but are excluded from the labour market by real but surmountable barriers.

GCIL Employment has developed and delivered innovative and unique services to address the barriers experienced by disabled people when attempting to access the labour market since 2001.

GCIL Employment (including GCILPC) has, over the last twelve years, led the way in providing solutions to the barriers that disabled people experience. During that time we have consistently achieved over 70% success rate in terms of positive outcomes. Man in officeThis clearly demonstrates that the services we provide are effective for a client group facing multiple disadvantages e.g. average length of unemployment for participants is over six years and 68% have been in receipt of DLA, a client group who are even more likely to be unemployed and have a higher level of impairment.


  • 60% of participants in all programmes have moved into employment
  • 11% have moved into further or higher education

In addition, we provide other services which can facilitate and enable disabled people to access employment including an innovative housing advice service and inclusive living support services.

Both of these services help to remove the barriers which, although not strictly speaking employment barriers, can make it extremely difficult for some disabled people to access education and employment opportunities.

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